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Pipes Distribution Crane

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Steel pipes distribution crane

This crane is mainly used in steel pipes distribution section before discharge saws of the production line, it can be realized from a raceway reclaimer after discharge directly to any designated rollers, make the steel distribution process intelligent.
The crane including the following characteristics:
1. Input position signal to the PLC by encoder, realize precise automatic positioning, acceleration and deceleration calculated by PLC, and the use of V-shaped structures rope wheel anti-shake system, small crane load sway amplitude, improve production efficiency and safety of the crane.
2. Adopt redundant design, hoisting mechanism, trolley traveling mechanism and electrical control parts are configured backup system to improve reliability.
3. Electrical control adopts anti-sway control system and precise automatic positioning; realize full automatic intelligent quick distribution and handling of pipes.

Weihua Crane is professional material handling equipment manufacturer and servicer with largest production in global. Provide you with overhead cranegantry crane, electric hoist, etc. of safe, reliable and efficient crane solutions and services.

Metallurgical Materials Handling Crane

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Intelligent metallurgical materials handling crane

This crane is mainly used in nickel ore smelting industry, lifting 850 ℃ Laterite nickel ore calcine material container, controlled by central control room, to achieve unmanned operation, intelligent charging, can automatically allocate material sand according to gain or loss of the material bunker, it is one of the important part of the whole smelting process.
The crane has the following characteristics:
1. Hoisting mechanism and electrical control system use redundant design to improve crane safety and reliability.
2. Using new type automatic spreader, to achieve material tank automatic hanging, taken and put off.
3. Using electrical anti-sway and precise automatic positioning technology, reducing the crane load swing magnitude, real-time detection the lifting position, positioning accuracy ≤ 5mm.
4. Using computer monitoring system for real-time security monitoring on each crane work status.

Weihua Crane is professional material handling equipment manufacturer and servicer with largest production in global. Provide you with overhead cranegantry crane, electric hoist, etc. of safe, reliable and efficient crane solutions and services.

Selection of Gantry Crane

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Gantry crane

1.  Choose of gantry crane
Under normal conditions, the lifting capacity less than 50t, span less than 35m, no special use requirements, you can choose single girder gantry crane. If demands of large width between gantry legs, high operating speed, or often lifting heavy and long pieces object, you should choose double girder gantry crane.
2.  Span and length of cantilever
Gantry crane span is an important factor affecting crane self-weight. During selection, under satisfy the crane operating conditions and under the premise of fit the specifications of span series, should try to reduce the span.
3.  Judge criterion of wheelbase  
(a) Meet the requires of security and stability along the gantry crane track direction;
(b) Dimension and shape of the object can realize smoothly through the supporting legs flat steel structure;
(c) Make the span S with the wheelbase B in a specific proportional relationship, usually take wheelbase B = (1 / 4-1 / 6) S.
4.  Determine the distance scale of gantry crane
During operation, between gantry crane external, yard goods and transport vehicles channel, there should be left certain spatial scales, in order to facilitate loading and unloading operations. Usually delivery vehicles loading and unloading within the span, it should keep more than 0.7m distance with the gantry legs. When the crane spreader is not in operation, it should keep a distance of more than 0.5m with the delivery vehicles, when lifting object through gantry legs, there should be a distance of more than 0.5m.

Blue and Black? White and Gold?

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As one kind of special type equipment, crane put safety first in the manufacturing. Therefore, the choice of crane painting color must be alert and remind.
The main appearance color of crane including: Gold that is yellow, red, and blue. The accurate name should be light yellow, medium yellow, orange-yellow and orange-red. 

light yellow and medium yellow

Light yellow and Medium yellow
orange-yellow and orange-red
Orange-yellow and Orange-red
There has another important color must be used on cranes, called safety color; it is yellow and black or red and black color in generally.
So, what is your crane painting color selection, orange-red, orange-yellow or mid-yellow?

250T/15T Double Girder Overhead Crane

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Weihua Cranes: 250T/15T Double Girder Overhead Crane Assembly and Performance Overview

The overhead crane adopts whole crane design method, accord with user's technical parameter requirement.

 Its control systems use digital drive systems, PLC systems, fault diagnosis system, etc., which makes the crane has better operational and safety performance.  

Use ergonomics cabin to reduce the vibration and noise of the cab, and reduce the driver's fatigue.

Use real-time information display system panel, which improves work efficiency and reduces operating errors.

Adopt crane anti-sway system can achieve five swings of lifting objects, automatic positioning, which improves the safety of lifting.

Use components with high performance, such as high-efficient motor, hardened reducer. Improve performance and traveling reliability of crane, which makes the products have long life and reduce maintenance work.

Use new materials, shaped structural steel, optimize crane structure to reduce the amount of welding and to improve the situation of force, which contributes to the light structure and beautiful appearance.

Weihua Cranes ensure that the final step is to machine instead of welding, so as to enhance the accuracy of the entire crane, and ensure the safety and reliability of the crane.